Curriculum Vitae David Koebel

Personal Data

Name David Koebel
Date of Birth April 27, 1966
Place of Birth Hamburg, Germany

School Education

1972 - 1976 Primary School in Hamburg-Iserbrook
1976 - 1985 High School in Hamburg-Osdorf

Military Service

Oct. 1985 - Dec. 1986 Serving as a tank driver in an air-
defense regiment in Hamburg-Fischbek.

Remark: This is an item of my curriculum
that I am a bit embarrassed about. I guess
that I didn't have the wits at that time to
make the right decision for a civil service,
and I believe that I have changed a lot since

To be honest I still have to say that I'm not
a pacifist. Of course I'm fascinated by
Mahatma Gandhi and the way he fought against
the British Empire. I'm not sure though that
his way of combatting an enemy works with
all enemies.

Practical Trainings

March - May 1987 at Ellerwerke company for industrial
centrifuges in Hamburg-Barmbek
May - July 1987 at Mikroforma precision foundry
in Wedel/Holstein
Sept. - Oct. 1991 at Steinmüller company for process
engineering in Gummersbach

Remark: I know that a practical training
in a foreign country is positively broadening
one's mind. My plans regarding this were
spoiled by Saddam Hussein though, who
launched Scud rockets towards Israel and
thus making me abandon my plans to work
there at the time of the first Gulf War.


Oct. 1987 - March 1994 studies of mechanical engineering
at Hanover University finished by
the diploma of that faculty

University Activity

June 1994 - May 1999 graduate student and assistant lecturer of
Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Stühler at the Institute of
Mechanics - Machinery Dynamics and
Oscillation Analysis - of the Technische
Universität Berlin
simultaneous Completion of my PhD-thesis with the title
"Torsional Vibrations in Reciprocating Engines -
Calculation and Stability Analysis with Regard
to the Excitation of Structure-Bourne Noise"
July 2000 Doctoral Viva

Remark: The effort to get as far as
this final examination was so long that
I was both relieved and happy about the succes.

Industrial Work

since Aug. 1999 working as system engineer for OHB-Technology
AG in Bremen; fields of activity include
  • Microgravity and Audible Noise Analyses
    for the "European Physiological Module"
    of the "Columbus Orbital Facility",
    being the future European contribution
    to the International Space Station
  • Structural Analysis of the secondary
    structure of Node 2 for the ISS
  • System engineering and pre-development
    for the department of 'Satellites and Probes'
  • Security engineer for "Galileo", "EDRS-C", and
    "SARah" at the 'Security Systems' department

Bremen on Oct. 7, 2017,

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