Half of What You Are

When I get to know somebody I consider his mimics, his face and his voice, of course. After a while however, I look at his hands, because I believe that they reveal a lot of a personality.
Look how different all these hands are!

Alexandra V. (mechanical engineer)
Anke H. (nurse)
Ernst V. (mechanical engineer)
Frank J. (mould mechanic)
Gabriele V. (nurse, interpreter)
Gerlinde K. (graphic artist, painter)
Carmen P. and her son (secretary)
Carmen's son
Helmut K. (bodywork mechanic)
Jacqueline E.
Jacqueline E. #2
Christa B. (doctor)
Matthias K. (mechanical engineer)
David Koebel (mechnical engineer)
Mike F. (mechanical engineer)
Mike K. (economist, art historian)
Stefan K. (mechanical engineer)
Süleyman G. (mechanical engineer)
Winfried A. (physicist)
Nelson M. (anti-apartheid activist, president)

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